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Brian Kithinji

Brian Kithinji is a journalist with over four years experience reporting on various topics across the African continent. Join him in exploring an evolving Africa through extensive contextualization and deep analysis.
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How Mozambique’s history of violence is dashing hopes of economic progress

There is no saying that is so common in the minds of Mozambique citizens above the age of 40 than, “Here we go again.”

Another win for President Nguesso ensures Congo’s economic crisis will prolong

At 77, Congo’s President Sassou Nguesso is four times older than the average Congolese, whose median age is 19, according to UN...

Why Equatorial Guinea’s bail-out plan with IMF crashed

Despite being promised an IMF bailout over a year ago, Equatorial Guinea is still waiting for the funds it hoped would revive its struggling...

Magufuli’s economic policies lifted Tanzania despite COVID-19 criticism

In 2017, one president shocked the world when he issued an order banning all public servants in his country from traveling abroad.

1.5 million COVID-19 infections and a worst economic recession in 70 years, how can South Africa recover?

Last week, Statistics South Africa (SSA) gave out a breath of fresh air by announcing that the economy sprang back in the fourth quarter...

Accused of “COVID denials” Tanzania recorded fastest economic growth in Africa in 2020

As economies across the continent slipped into recession in 2020, Tanzania reaped from its policy of not imposing COVID-19 related restrictions and...

Without government intervention, Ghana’s energy debt will hit $12.5 billion by 2023

Ghana is facing a potential economic crisis fueled by mounting energy sector debt that could rise by 400% to $12.5 billion by...

Rich in oil, rich with poor people. The story of Gabon’s oil wealth and plunder

Selisu Mborantsuo locks his room and goes off to work. Since the start of the pandemic, he, like many others across the...

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