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South Africa’s wine industry battles for partial lifting of alcohol sales ban

South Africa’s wine industry has asked a court of law to allow the main wine-growing region to exempt itself from an alcohol sales ban...

Kenyan manufacturers develop standards to ease goods clearance at points of entry

Manufacturers in Kenya have launched standards aimed at enhancing efficiency and accountability at the ports and border points in the country.

Uber to offer medicine delivery services in South Africa

Uber Eats has launched a new app-based over-the-counter medicine delivery service in South Africa. The unit of the U.S. ride-hailing service,...

Kenyan Manufacturers Body extends war on plastics to producers

Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM), has launched the Strategic Business Plan for the establishment of a Plastic Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) in Kenya. 

The growth of E-commerce in Africa during the time of Coronavirus.

Covid-19 has battered the world economy. Many industries are reeling, but one shining light is E-commerce. We spoke with Nielsen Africa MD Bryan Sun to find out if companies on the continent are capitalising.

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How Mozambique’s history of violence is dashing hopes of economic progress

There is no saying that is so common in the minds of Mozambique citizens above the age of 40...
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Another win for President Nguesso ensures Congo’s economic crisis will prolong

At 77, Congo’s President Sassou Nguesso is four times older than the average Congolese, whose median age...

Why Equatorial Guinea’s bail-out plan with IMF crashed

Despite being promised an IMF bailout over a year ago, Equatorial Guinea is still waiting for the funds...

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