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A New World for African Creatives

Africa’s creative industry is currently steeped in uncertainty. The creative world and artists, whose work thrives on human interaction, have taken...

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Gig Economy

The gig economy isn't going anywhere. How can African countries ensure safety for workers post-pandemic?

How COVID-19 is Testing Times for Sino-Afro Relations

The Great Lockdown will go down in history as an economic depression only comparable to that of the Great Depression, except...

COVID-19 Leaves Sports Benched Across the Continent

With stadiums empty, and athletes benched, how will sports bounce back across the continent?

The Intersection of Gender, Health and COVID-19 Across the Continent

Across the continent, women are on the frontlines of the health care system. But is the system set up to fail them?

An interview with Basketball League Africa’s Amadou Gallo Fall

We sat down with Amadou Gallo Fall to hear about the future for Basketball Africa League.

African Tourism Sector Set to Take Years of Recovery

Set for a bullish year, African tourism has taken a hit with the pandemic. Can domestic tourism be the solution?

Reviving Africa’s Aviation Post-Pandemic

Life across the continent has fundamentally changed, possibly for a very long time. In this brand-new world a trip to the...

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How Mozambique’s history of violence is dashing hopes of economic progress

There is no saying that is so common in the minds of Mozambique citizens above the age of 40...
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Another win for President Nguesso ensures Congo’s economic crisis will prolong

At 77, Congo’s President Sassou Nguesso is four times older than the average Congolese, whose median age...

Why Equatorial Guinea’s bail-out plan with IMF crashed

Despite being promised an IMF bailout over a year ago, Equatorial Guinea is still waiting for the funds...

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