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A nation in the dark

South Africa’s state-owned power utility Eskom said that it found evidence of sabotage at one of its power plants. On this episode, we hear

What next for Ethiopia?

A year on, and the war in Ethiopia is  still ongoing – costing the country  $2.5 billion while throwing Abiy’s vision for Ethiopia’s economic

The Weekly Beat by Mansa

Welcome to The Weekly Beat by Mansa with your hosts Arnold Segawa, Maggie Mutesi and Dumi Jere. Every Monday morning, we will be bringing you all the info on Africa’s big finance and economic stories.

The Third Opinion

We are excited to share our weekly business newsletter – concisely looking at stories that have not been given that much attention in the press across the continent. While the pandemic has been challenging, it has also presented us with an opportunity to test our reach to the fullest.

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