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The future of sustainable mining

As the Global population continues to grow, it has become clear that demand for renewable and eco-friendly energy needs to be addressed. But how

The Weekly Beat by Mansa

Welcome to The Weekly Beat by Mansa with your hosts Arnold Segawa, Maggie Mutesi and Dumi Jere. Every Monday morning, we will be bringing you all the info on Africa’s big finance and economic stories.

The Third Take

By Anorld Segawa

It has been over a year since the COVID-19 pandemic gripped the world. It has been a severe readjustment period for all of us and the loss has been colossal. Nonetheless, we press on and with the vaccine rollout taking shape, there is hope. Mansa has also made immense progress thanks to you, the reader and ardent listener to our podcast and we would like to thank you for supporting us as we move forward. 

We are excited to share our first issue of our weekly newsletter which concisely looks at stories that have not been given that much attention in the press across the continent and appreciate the fact that it will take the African voice to tell the African story.

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