African Airlines amass losses due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

African Airlines have so far lost $40m since February due to Coronavirus.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has warned that airlines globally stand to lose $29.3bn of revenue this year due to the coronavirus outbreak, of this Africa has so far lost $400m since February due to Coronavirus outbreak.

The losses have come from suspended flights and cancelled bookings by the airlines on the China Africa route alone.

Air Tanzania, Air Mauritius, Egyptair, Rwandair and Kenya Airways have suspended flights to and from China due to the outbreak.

Raphael Kuuchi, the Vice President of the International Air Transport Association noted that the coronavirus impact will only get worse for African airlines.

The outbreak is set to deepen the airlines’ losses which in 2019 lost $100m according to IATA.

So far 27 African states in Africa have reported coronavirus cases as World Health Organisation warns that the situation will be getting worse.

African Airlines have so far lost $40m since February due to Coronavirus. In Africa,16 people have died from Covid-19, the respiratory illness caused by coronavirus: six in Egypt, six in Algeria, two in Morocco, one in Sudan and one in Burkina Faso.

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