Eastern Africa’s aviation industry received enormous acclaim on Tuesday as both Ethiopia’s and Kenya’s state-owned airlines clinched all the Africa’s Leading Airlines awards on offer.

The two nations are arch rivals not only in athletics but also the aviation industry, and this competition has spurred both airlines to global reputation.

Ethiopian Airlines has again been named Africa’s Leading Airline by the World Travel Awards (WTA).

The votes for the awards announced in United Kingdom were cast by travel, hospitality and tourism professionals across the world, and the public.

Ethiopian Airlines has maintained profitability even during the COVID-19 pandemic, as the management converted its passenger planes to carry cargo.

Ethiopia’s state owned airline also travels to the most destinations in Africa, and its prices are very affordable for most of the continent’s citizens.

Kenya Airways won both Africa’s Leading Airline-Business Class and Africa’s Leading Airline-Economy Class awards.

Kenya’s state owned airline is widely acclaimed for its prestigious business class, however its prices are notably higher than rival airlines.

Meanwhile, Africa’s Leading Airport award went to Cape Town International Airport.

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