May 24, 2018

Malcom Sila…………Kenya’s photography business- you need the negatives to develop!

Malcolm Sila is considered one of Kenya’s top photographers. With wedding portfolios, corporate, family portraits and travel, Sila has clearly made his mark in the industry. His business, glorious photography. A business he says was born out of the need to use God given talents in the area of photography and video.

“Glorious Photography Pictures is a Professional photography and Video service that concentrates more on documenting precious memories documenting time and great milestones, for both Our Corporate and Domestic clients. Locally and internationally, “says Sila.

Sila’s passion for photography started when he was just 10 years old. This is after one of the neighbors lent him his camera.

“He gave me his camera with an unfinished roll film to finish and give it back since I showed great interest in photography.

I remember how excited he was when he developed the roll film. He said, I had done an excellent job and he was happy to give me the camera again and again.”

Though the interest was there, Sila knew it would be difficult to pursue it as a career.

“I joined a pharmaceutical firm as a casual worker and rose up the different departments into quality control as a Quality Analyst. But I left the firm after working for 15 years,” he added.

“The passion for photography was burning within me that I wrote a resignation letter after much thought and consideration.

I remember one of my friends asking me why I was resigning, photography is meant for weekends only. But the passion was too much I couldn’t continue with my Quality Assurance work.”

One month later Sila was able to purchase his first camera and studio lights. The business officially started in 2008 when a friend trusted him to do photography for their wedding.

Glorious photography has since grown to a photography power house with a fully fledge website, social media page and 2 photography studios located in Buruburu, Nairobi.

From booking bump shoots to taking pictures of celebrities, Sila has come full circle in growing the business.

“The main challenge in growing the business was getting people to trust you with their lifetime memories including company secrets and milestones. But once trust is established, portfolio generation is a lot easier to get the work done,” says Sila.

“We operated without an office for about 3 years serving our clients from online platforms, but overall inspiring others through the lens as we photograph them is our main focus.  It is also very fulfilling to see children grow in front of the camera from baby bump-Maternity pictures, to individuals’ with personality and that we can interact. Like Amara who we started photographing at 7 months to the other day when she turned 8 years old,” he added.

Malcolm Sila says a good photographer is not about a camera and other equipment. But a good photographer needs an eye for the uncommon as well as creativity. He is also involved in mentorship. For instance, when children above 10 come to the studio, Sila allows them to have a feel of the camera.

“We also mentor quite a number of Photographers who have also started their own ventures which we oversee and give guidance where necessary,” says Sila.

“Photography in the next 10 years is going to be more futuristic, talk of almost a virtual reality component. In the next 10 years’ technology will really advance and ensure we make greater pictures and archive more time and great moments locally and internationally.”

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