Mozambique will receive support from the European Union in tackling increased terror attacks in the country’s north.

The EU Ambassador to Mozambique, Antonio Sanchez Gaspar announced the offer, while insisting that the aid will be more in terms of training, logistics and medical services to the Mozambican Defence Forces.

“The government of Mozambique has asked for help and we will give, but it is more aid in terms of training, logistics and medical services for the forces that are fighting terrorism in northern Mozambique.”

Mozambique’s government had reached out to the European Union for assistance in training its armed forces to combat an ongoing insurgency in the North. Armed groups linked to Al Shabaab and ISIS have taken over Cabo Delgado province threatening the security and stability of the state.

There is also potential risk that the ongoing natural gas explorations worth billions of dollars off the coast of Mozambique may grind to a halt if the state doesn’t take control of the situation soon.

The terror attacks in North Mozambique began in 2017, and inaction by the government led to the terror groups strengthening their man power, recruiting foreign fighters and acquiring arms from war-torn regions. With the renewed power, they have taken over key towns and damaged military and strategic targets.

“So far all of our efforts have been on the humanitarian emergency and development side. We will continue to make efforts on the security side, which is just beginning,” Antonio said.

Human rights groups have accused government forces of conducting atrocities in the conflict zone. Dozens of civilians have been killed in “acts of police brutality”, accusations the Maputo government denies saying that militants often wear the national army uniform impersonating themselves as regular soldiers.

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