Rainbow Sports Global  has announced the launch of the African Football Data Centre (AFDC), an open, digital platform created in support of the development of football on the continent. The African Football Data Centre is an interactive platform, developed in cooperation with Football Benchmark which covers a broad range of  data of African football.

The free-to-use data center provides information on the financial performance of African clubs and leagues, including commercial and broadcasting revenues and data on major football stadia on the continent. The platform also tracks the market value of some 700 African players contracted in top European leagues and the social media performance of hundreds of football entities from clubs, competitions to current and former players on the most popular social channels.

Rainbow Sports Global a leading sports enterprise with a global footprint as a Pan-African sports entity . It says  that AFDC is available for all decision-makers, media, fans  and plans for further developing the platform in a joint effort, by adding new features and themes.  

“The African Football Data Centre is a milestone achievement in supporting the professionalization of the business of football on the continent. In fact, this is the most comprehensive research and analysis of the status of professional football in Africa to date,” said Kingsley Pungong, CEO of Rainbow Sports Global in a statement.

FootballBenchmark.com is a digital platform providing in-depth understanding and interactive analysis of the business of football to support critical decision making. The purpose built data and analytics platform covers three main pillars of information: business performance of over 200 European and South American football clubs, market values for more than 8,300 players, and social media performance.

“Football Benchmark is proud to partner with Rainbow Sports Global, and power this landmark initiative. We believe that the data and insights the African Football Data Centre provides will help the management of clubs and organizations to make informed decisions, build viable strategies and establish sustainable operations.” said Andrea Sartori, founder of Football Benchmark.

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