Sudan’s acting energy and mining minister Khairy Abdel Rahman has announced a cut in pump prices for petrol and diesel for consumers.

The transitional government, that came into power after the ouster of long time autocrat former President Omar Bashir in 2019, has been phasing out fuel subsidies to help reduce a gaping budget deficit as the country battles an economic crisis.

Abdel Rahman announced that subsidized locally produced car petrol would be reduced to 54.7 pounds a litre from 56 pounds before.

However, he did not say what the impact of the price reductions would be on the cash strapped budget.

Sudan has long fixed fuel prices at some of the lowest levels in the world but the cost of subsidizing fuel has weighed heavily on the state budget. The government regularly reviews pump prices.

The Eastern African country, an oil producer itself, suffers from severe fuel shortages and queues of cars can be often seen in front of fuel stations in the capital Khartoum. In April, the government allowed private sector and banks to import fuel for transportation, mining and industry.

Abdel Rahman added that fuel production at Khartoum refinery will halt on December 1 for maintenance work.

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