Benin will receive a $200 million allocation from the World Bank to boost its efforts to improve access to electricity in the country. The money will be disbursed via the International Development Association (IDA).

The electrification project will consist the construction of 2,000 kilometers of medium voltage lines and 4,000 kilometers of low voltage lies. At least 20,000 streetlights will be installed in target areas, 80,000 kVa transformers will also be deployed at 1,100 sites.

According to World Bank data released in 2019, Benin’s electricity access rate was 40.3%.

The project is set to benefit more than 150,000 households, about 1,000 small and medium enterprises, and 500 basic utilities.

“This operation will bring social benefits to households and business opportunities to micro, small and medium enterprises that need available and affordable energy to grow,” Atou Seck, World Bank Country Director for Benin said.

Results from the Geospatial Indicative Electrification Planning Study (GIEPS) completed in November 2020 indicate that by 2025 nearly 91% of the West African country’s population will live within 7 kilometers of the electricity grid.

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