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Teraco concludes $170 million funding for data center in South Africa

Teraco Data Environments, Africa’s largest data center company, has raised $170 million to fund construction of a new facility in South Africa.

NASA to launch 4G mobile network on the moon

As the world hurtles towards 5G mobile network, NASA has selected Finish tech company Nokia to construct the first-ever 4G mobile network on the...

The growth of E-commerce in Africa during the time of Coronavirus.

Covid-19 has battered the world economy. Many industries are reeling, but one shining light is E-commerce. We spoke with Nielsen Africa MD Bryan Sun to find out if companies on the continent are capitalising.

Madagascar’s president responds to criticism about the herbal cure for Covid-19

WHO says it supports efforts at finding a cure even from indigenous medicines

Ethiopia restricts Entry of Foreign Firms in the financial sector

Ethiopia has issued a new directive that allows diaspora and local enterprises engage in provision of mobile money services.

COVID-19 Likely to Delay Filling of Ethiopia’s Biggest Dam on Nile

Coronavirus is likely to delay the water filling of Ethiopia’s biggest dam on the River Nile by one year, a top government...

Equatorial Guinea Grants Relief to Oil & Gas Services Companies

The country takes action to support its services industry and engages on an industry-wide dialogue to study other measures for upstream operators...

Telecoms Report: Safaricom vulnerable in strength

Changes in Safaricom’s ownership seem to have freed the company up for more rapid expansion into other markets. In...

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What’s next for Africa’s struggling aviation sector?

On March 5th, 2020 this writer took a flight from Nairobi to Cairo. As usual, the airport in Kenya’s...
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Why diamond-rich Botswana must diversify its economy

As a duck is to water, the word “diamond” is synonymous with this southern African nation.

Kenya’s manufacturing hub raised hope for the flailing SMEs sector. So why did it fail?

When Joseph Gitile started his soap manufacturing business in 2017; he was exuberant and very optimistic that within a...

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